My Knitting




Table Runners

I tried to make them look like done as filet crochet. All are knitted on Brother 940 with cotton/rayon yarn. Tension 7

small table runner with stripe


RC=4 pattern 103

RC=36 pattern 110

RC=68 pattern 103

RC=100 pattern 110

RC=132 pattern 103

RC=164 4 rows stockinette

worm edging all around

same design, larger table runner



RC=4 pattern 103

RC=50 pattern 110

RC=82 pattern 103

RC=264 pattern 110

RC=300 pattern 103

RC=346 stockinette to RC=350

worm edging

table runner with flower pattern


start with pattern #103

row 2 and 3 increase 3 at beginning of row

rows 4-10 increase every row both sides 35-035

rows 12 to 40 increase every second row both sides 50-050

RC=40 change to pattern #903 (flower from Lace Book 3) centered upside down

RC=132 pattern is finished and change to #103

RC=148 change to #903

RC=236 change to #103

RC=242 start decrease

note: the flower pattern is only 60 st wide, so needles at end need to be hand selected to match mesh pattern

Table Runner with diamond pattern

Pattern #560 in Brother Punchcard Pattern Vol.5. This pattern is on the pattern cartridge extra's.


increase 1 st each side every second row to reach 50-0-50

RC=294 or any length desired start decrease same way as increase


For all designs started with waste yarn and took off waste yarn, then worm edging all around.