My Knitting




Short Rowed Doily

Round Doily over 41 needles

Needles 1-41 right

start with waste yarn and ravel cord COR

RC=0 knit to left

RC=1 transfer every second needle to right to make lace (2-->3, 4-->5, 6-->7.........40-->41), knit to right

RC=2 3 needles on left to hold, knit to left

RC=3 transfer from 20-->21 and every second needle to the right, knit

RC=4 3 needles on left to hold, knit to left

RC=5 transfer to right from 22 on

RC=6 and every even row 3 needles on left to hold

RC=7 transfer every second needle from 24 on

RC=9 from 26 on

RC=11 from 28 on

RC=13 from 30 on

RC=15 from 32 on

RC=17 from 34 on

RC=19 from 36 on

RC=21 from 38 on

RC=23 40-->41, knit

RC=24 take carriage out of hold and knit all needles

RC=25 reset to RC=1 and start all over

15 sections

take off on waste yarn and graft

pull center hole close


Larger Size Doily over 63 needles

same principle as described for the smaller one

needles 1-63

first row transfer every second needle starting with 2, ending with 62

third row: transfer starting at 26, all to the right (ending with 62)

fifth row: start transfer at 28

seventh row: start at 30


15 sections