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Hat in Sea Shell Pattern

I used Diana Sullivans Youtube video.

In addition to her video I always like to write out the instructions step by step.

stitches a multiple of 12

48 st 24-0-24
cast on, knit a few rows, COR, carriage to hold

first set will be 4 whole shells

**all stitches to E except the first 7 on right (18-24 in work),

knit to left

leave 18 and 19 in work, all others in E

*then next to the 2 st in work on right put one back to work,

knit to right, on left one back to work,

knit to left, continue until 11 stitches in work, COR


add 8 st on left to work

and knit to left*

then put all on right out of work except 2 st

and repeat from * to *
last shell on left move carriage to left, then take out of hold, knit over all needles to right, carriage back in hold
change color

2nd color will start with 1/2 shell, then 3 whole shells, end with one half shell

2 st on right in work, all others in E, knit 2 rows, next needle on left to work, knit two rows, continue until there are 6 stitches knitted, COR
next 8 st on the left to working position, knit to left, all on right in E except 2 st, repeat from *to * 3 times
end on the left with 2 st in work, knit two rows, one on the right of the 2 st in work, knit 2 rows, until 6 st are knit
carriage out of hold, knit to right

start another rows of shells in the first color

carriage back to hold and begin from **


For the hats I used Tamm 3ply

144 st= 12 seashell patterns
Yarn color 1: 14 rows 1x1rib T=3,then transfer all stitches to main bed
Change yarn to color 2 and start first row with sea shells in that color. Then start first color with half a sea shell and end with half a sea shell.
6 sets of seashell each color in height. Leave this yarn color threaded, knit another row, then transfer every other stitch to next, leave those needles out of work, 6 rows with T=3, gather all stitches on thread with double eye needle and pull together. Sew back seam.