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Double Bed Socks


Circular on double bed machine

The number of stitches given are my size (US shoe size 8), 4 ply sock yarn. When I use a different yarn, I first try with these numbers and then if it does not fit adjust. Adjustmant for perfect fit is easy, either more or less stitches to make it wider or narrower, or more or less rows for length of foot or how high the sock should come up the ankle.

36-0-36 cast on for 1x1 or 2x2 ribbing.

knit 50 rows rib T=4

Transfer half the stitches (36-1left) to ribber bed, the other half (1-36 right) to main bed.

Lower ribber by one notch,

take weights and cast on comb off. Hang 2 small claw weights. Take ribber connector off and attach sinker plate and take all stitches on main bed on waste yarn.

Move carriage to the left. Now carefully move the stitches on waste yarn to the left opposite the ribber stitches

and hang those on main bed.

This is tedious and takes time. So now the stitches hang all on left side 36-1 on both beds.

Change sinker plate out to ribber connector and raise bed. Carriage is on left.

I like to decrease at this point one stitch on each side each bed. (This is my personal preference, don't have to do it) 34 stitches left on each bed.


Now set machine to circular. Half pitch, main carriage knitting to right only, ribber knitting to left only. (This is the way I do it, can be just the opposite)


Hang 2 large weights. I use those L shaped wires and hang a large weight on each. I weave one in from left to right, the other from right to left. Weights are very important, otherwise stitches don't knit right.

Set RC=0.

Carefully knit the first 2 rows. I sometimes pull the end needles out to E before I knit across, end needles on main bed before knitting left to right, and then end needles on ribber before knitting the ribber bed needles.

Knit 50 circular rows.

Lower ribber bed by one notch,

attach sinker plate,

short row main bed stitches to 12 and back out. At that point I hang 2 more large weights from the back.

Before raising the bed the loop from the outside stitches should be moved to the opposite bed to avoid holes.

But there is an even better way, here is the link.

Raise bed, take hold out and set back to circular.

100 rows circular

Toe just the same like heel, decrease 1 stitch each bed each side, one last circular row and take of waste yarn, still knitting circular. I cut the main yarn after leaving some slack for later grafting the toe, knot the waste yarn to the end and pull it under the needle bed.

Kitchener Stitch for toe, mattress stitch for the side seam in the ribbing.

The second sock I knit that both seams are on the inside, one left one right.